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New  Orleans

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The French Quarter

New Orleans is a city formed by the superstitions, traditions and history of Creoles, Spaniards, French, Irish, Italians, enslaved Africans and free people of color. The authentic experiences to be had in this city are driven by independent thinkers, creative spirits and non-conformists and can’t be had anyplace else. That may be why so many people fall in love with living in New Orleans. It all adds up to a rich quality of life, culture and a community that feeds the soul – if the Big Easy speaks to you.

Why New Orleans, LA?
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St. Louis Cathedral

The Birthplace of Jazz

There’s just something about New Orleans that gets to you. Aside from that big ol’ party, the city is known for exceptional food and music year-round. New Orleanians are passionate about their cuisine and often talk about what’s for dinner while they’re eating lunch. Dining out in the city runs the gamut from divey po-boy shops to historic jacket-required restaurants—and each are beloved in their own way.

Music can be found every day, all over the city and WWOZ, the city’s (incredible!) listener-supported radio station, announces the live music schedule every odd hour. In addition, there’s a festival for just about every occasion (po-boy, whiskey, beignet, barbecue, blues, you name it) and most of them are free to attend.

You’ll be happy to know that NOLA doesn’t even make the top 20 most expensive cities in the country to rent. With median rental prices at $1,310 and $1,450 for a one and two-bedroom, respectfully, New Orleans is cheaper than places like Atlanta, Baltimore, and Philly. With all that extra cash you can go and enjoy the festivals, live music, and explore everything NOLA has to offer.



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