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Fort    Myers Metropolitan, FL

Situated between Tampa and Miami on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Fort Myers is a growing city. The “City of Palms” has long lured vacationers with its year-round warmth, lush flora, waterways and proximity to white sand beaches. Fort Myers has four designated historic districts; Edison Park, Dean Park, Downtown, and Seminole Park, along with nearly 20 designated historic landmarks that have the benefit of being a part of the Historic Preservation program.

Once thought of as a retirement town, Fort Myers offers an abundance of outdoor activities, like boating, fishing, hiking, biking, tennis, pickleball and golf. It has also grown more diverse, providing myriad cultural and dining diversions, from local theater troupes to an array of cuisines from renowned chefs.

Why Fort Myers Metropolitan, FL?

Fort Myers Metropolitan has more sunshine hours than any other city in Florida and even surpasses Key West. On average, locals and visitors enjoy around 271 sunny days per year in Fort Myers, while the U.S. average is just 205 sunny days. It's no surprise that Fort Myers waterfront homes line the beaches, occupied by those eager to have fun in the sun almost any day of the year.

The city of Fort Myers, Florida, is one the fastest growing cities in America, and it takes the top spot for growing jobs and a strong economy. This sunny city is a great place to live and work based on residents' happiness, the city's desirability, and affordable housing options.

Fort Myers is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The area offers miles of freshwater and saltwater channels for boating and fishing; trails for biking, hiking and paddling; and golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and shuffleboard courts. With its proximity to Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach, the area is also a gateway for shelling, snorkeling and sunbathing. These beaches and isles of Fort Myers are on a shallow water plateau that collects shells on a natural shelf that flows to the shoreline. It's the location along the Gulf of Mexico that makes Fort Myers a shelling mecca boasting more shell varieties than any other spot in North America.

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